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WP Post Ticker Pro

The most clean and simple WordPress Post Ticker out there.

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Full Color Control

Matching the color scheme to any theme is a breeze with our advanced color picker control for every element. You will find tons of color customization options.

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Simple User Friendly Options

Our settings are displayed in a way that won’t leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. No coding required! Simple, quick and easy!

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Advanced Category Selection

Whether you want to display one category or 100+ categories with different settings, it’s all possible thanks to our innovative category selection tool.

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Custom Settings

It’s your website and your posts. Choose whether or not to display borders, colors, images, meta fields, dividers and much more.

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Responsive Design

Pop WP Post Ticker into any widget, page or post and see how it dynamically scales with the rest of your website. Yep, that means it’s mobile friendly!