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WordPress Background Slider

Your go-to WordPress background slider plugin

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Multiple Sliders

Background Slider Master was simply built with the user in mind. You can create as many sliders as you want, and choose which pages it displays on. Your website is flexible, so your slider should be too.

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Having a responsive website is essential for the web. Background Slider Master is designed to be the go-to WordPress background slider. With its modern device width scaling option, your photos will look beautiful on any screen.

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Customized Options

You get a full set of options to customize without feeling overwhelmed. No coding needed.

  • Show/Hide Arrow Navigation
  • Show/Hide Thumbnail Navigation
  • Enable/Disable Original Aspect Ratio
  • Slide Change Interval
  • Easing Delay
  • View Mode
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Easy Navigation

Equipped with modern arrow navigation and thumbnail controls, you can give your users beautiful options for navigating the photos.

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Original Aspect Ratio

Something unique about this WordPress slider is the option to switch between the original dimensions of an image and the full-width version. This is sometimes helpful to show certain gallery photos.