Finally a WordPress Plugin for Font Awesome Icons

Ever wondered how to put use an icon from Font Awesome library and style it the way you want without having to write a long line of styling or code?

Check out WP Master Widget plugin. It enables using any icons from Font Awesome version 4.7 with very easy UI to style it, and make it a link.

You can also use the widget’s text and title feature to make a good footer or sidebar section for controlling your website.

Font Awesome Icon Selection for WordPress

Style Font Awesome Icon

Why Font Awesome?

Font Awesome icons give quick access to style options, responsive sizing, and hover effects, using CSS instead of working on Photoshop or any other graphic design tools.

What is more amazing about this plugin is that it provides an user interface that doesn’t even require the CSS work. The WP Master Widget plugin already packs all the features you need to create and use these icons as part of the website design or as a hyperlink.

You can check out the plugin from the WordPress Plugin for Font Awesome.

WordPress Post Ticker – Only plugin you need to show recent WordPress posts

We have worked on various website or eCommerce projects for many different clients from all kinds of industries. One thing that we have found is that, regardless of the client, it is important to show featured information on pages that people visit the most. This special featured information is often posted as event information, promotions, important notices, or one of many other possibilities. As we have been using WordPress as our major website development platform, we have been using posts and categories to display this important information. For this purpose, the platform has been very successful.

On the other hand, it was also important for some businesses in the publication industry to share the latest article written by a special columnist or author. The default WordPress widget, “Recent Posts” was used in the beginning, but it was way too simple. This tool lacks filters, it has limited customization options, and, most importantly, displaying a photo with the post was not possible.

Finally the recent post WordPress plugin all you need!

As a solution, we have been using Special Recent Post Pro, which is no longer available to purchase, for many of our clients’ projects. It is very useful for displaying latest event information, special promotions, and other types of blog posts. However, since the plugin has discontinued, it has become very difficult to find other alternatives. We have tried Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails, but it just doesn’t work well with all the features or filtering we need.

So, we decided to develop a good recent post WordPress plugin ourselves and finally developed one with many improved features, including:
1. Automatic scroll that cycles through the posts to the user’s custom settings
2. Display thumbnail, author, category, post date, etc. as specified in the setting
3. Option of displaying password-protected posts, which can be used as a marketing tool
4. Display custom ratings/reviews
…and many more features.

WordPress Recent Post Plugin
It truly combines all the many features needed in displaying WordPress posts that we had only hoped for over seven years in business. As we continue to develop the tool, the experience can only improve.

Please check the demo, or you can get one for your awesome blog or business website here.