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We’re a small team of young and goofy web designers and developers who want to help make your WordPress projects amazing.

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About Us

It’s plain and simple, we make a lot of websites and require lots of custom functionality. When we can’t find a good enough plugin, we just make our own.

We’ve been selfishly making ourselves plugins for a long time, and now we’ve decided to share the love with the WordPress community! We figured if we needed it so badly, others might too, so stay plugged in (pun intended) as we’ll be releasing awesome WordPress plugins regularly.

Also say “goodbye” to confusing WordPress themes, and say “hello” to our turnkey WordPress websites. Yep, that just happened.

iCanWP Team

We Make WordPress Plugins and Websites

and we’re sort of really good at it.


Developing plugins is a huge passion of ours. We have a blast coming together and creating something that will be used and valued by so many people all around the world.

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We don’t make WordPress themes, we make fully functional live websites. We’ve seen enough people struggle with the headache of tinkering with a purchased theme, and we’re here to rescue you.

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