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Multi-Purpose Website Designs

Love – Ultimate Modern Wedding WordPress Website

Love is an elegant responsive WordPress Website that boasts a modern split sub-page look. Equipped with a simple gallery, RSVP form, registry, contact form and more.

Pieces – Simple Small Business WordPress Website

Pieces is a professional corporate looking design with lots of high quality large images. Also packed with SEO friendly code, you can rest assured customers will find you online.

Bliss – Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Website

Bliss is a beautiful and minimal responsive image based WordPress Website that makes it easy for any cafe, restaurant or business to get a modern online look and feel. Be at ease knowing your website has more style than your competitors.

Showoff – Interior Design WordPress Website

Showoff is your go-to super clean and modern interior design WordPress design. When you’re looking for something that immediately grabs your attention, this is it.

Relax – Spa WordPress Website

Looking for that calm and relaxed feeling in your website? Whether you have a spa, or are a massage therapist, Relax is the WordPress design to suit your needs.

Photo – Photography WordPress Website

This design has lots of room for you to display large high quality photos. No matter what kind of portfolio you have, Photo is the WordPress design that will make it beautiful.

Dental Website Designs

Mint – Modern Parallax Dental WordPress Website

If you’re looking for a modern and parallax dental WordPress Website, Mint will be your best bet. Mint is fully responsive and will deliver that “WOW” factor on any device.

Ocean – Simple and Bright Dental WordPress Website

Ocean is a very family friendly, easy to navigate dental design. This design has thoughtfully placed quick contact information throughout the website for lots of conversion.

Fresh – Basic and Clean Dental WordPress Website

Fresh is going to be your most basic look and feel for a dental website. With soft neutral colors, your online visitors will feel comfortable while browsing your team, services and testimonial pages.

Classic – Soft and Friendly Dental WordPress Website

Classic is your all-in-one dental design. Equipped with modern full width and parallax sections, friendly colors and easy to find information.

Innovation – High End Dental WordPress Website

Innovation hold true to its name with a modern full-width layout and innovative color scheme. This is the type of website you visitors have fun clicking around on.

Smile – Confident Dental WordPress Website

Smile was designed to be a very family friendly looking website. Packed with bright colors and animated icons, every visitor will feel comfortable.

Shine- Professional Dental WordPress Website

Shine has a very nice full width modern design that has lots of space to display all your most important content. If you’re going for a professional modern look, Shine is for you!

Specialty- Dentist WordPress Website

This WordPress dental design focuses on giving more attention towards a specialty service such as dental implants. Sometimes a landing page isn’t enough. Welcome to the landing website!

Hospitality Website Designs

City – Modern Parallax Hotel WordPress Website

City is a ultra modern image based parallax hotel design. This classy website will give your visitors a luxury look and feel that they won’t forget.

Island – Travel and Vacation WordPress Website

Island is a bold travel and vacation style WordPress Website. It boasts a very simple and minimalist layout, making it easy for your visitors to book a room.

Posh – Simple Hotel WordPress Website

Posh is going to be your go-to hospitality website. Whether you have a vacation rental, motel or bed and breakfast – Posh will be able to handle all your reservation needs.

Choice – Solid Professional Hotel WordPress Website

Choice is going to be your professional hotel website design. This design can easily cater to higher-end hotels, mid-range hotels and even motels.

Restaurant Website Designs

Vineyard – Classic Restaurant WordPress Website

Vineyard is a very fun and responsive restaurant design. It has a modern taste with a large home page slider and 4 simple staggered boxes as you scroll down.

Rules of Thirds – Full Screen Restaurant WordPress Website

Rules of Thirds is a high-end elegant restaurant design that takes advantage of every pixel to show off your beautiful food. Sit down, relax and enjoy this responsive design.

Simplicity – Simple Restaurant WordPress Website

Simplicity is definitely a website that will add flavor to your pictures. Equipped with a large hero image and a simple design layout, you can easily display your best dishes.

Chef – Background Image Restaurant WordPress Website

Chef was designed for restaurants who want to be loud and proud of their images. Every page has a full width background image slider that will give your restaurant a very high-end look and feel.

Flavor – Modern Restaurant WordPress Website

Give your restaurant some flavor with this super modern restaurant website. Make your website the best first impression any customer could get from your restaurant.

Bakery – Modern Bakery WordPress Website

Your bakery or cafe is modern and classy, so should your website! This simple no-scroll home page sports a large welcome image and title to capture your visitors attention instantly.

Professional Website Designs

CPA – Accountant & CPA WordPress Website

CPA is your full service professional WordPress website geared towards individual CPA’s or accounting firms. Gain your client’s trust with this solid website.

Realty – Real Estate & Mortgage WordPress Website

Realty is a very colorful and friendly design that makes users feel excited about exploring your content.

Lawyer – Lawyer & Attorney WordPress Website

Lawyer was designed to look very professional with the use of confident colors and typography. This design is great for any business or persons who are in the law field.

Salon – Barber & Hair Salon WordPress Website

This hair salon WordPress website is designed to have a strong modern look and feel. The darker color scheme and high quality images gives a feeling of confidence and experience to visitors.

Gym- Fitness Center & Gym WordPress Website

Packed with strong motivational images and a modern color scheme, this website feels epic. Perfect for anyone in the fitness industry, gyms, personal trainers and more.

Architect – Architecture & Building WordPress Website

Sleek, simple, modern and fresh is how we would describe Architect. It’s designed to reflect the simplictic and modern touch you have with your clients.

Non Profit Website Designs

Passion – Non Profit & Charity WordPress Website

Passion is a super-charged WordPress theme for non profits and charities. It’s equipped with everything you’ll need from a donations page to an events calendar. Ready to make an impact?

Education Website Designs

Learn – Kindergarten & Day Care WordPress Website

If you’re looking for a bright kid friendly design that’s surrounded around education, Learn is your go-to WordPress design! Whether you’re running a montessori school or day care, Learn will be the right choice for you.

Academy – Cooking Class WordPress Website

Modern, sleek and colorful, Academy is perfect for any business that offers classes related to cooking, art, pottery and more. Give your potential students an easy way to join the fun!

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